Back Grounding  |  Commercial Cattle

B. Hurwitz Farming, farms on nearly 3000ha of farm land in the Davel district of Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

On the farms, calves are back grounded as well as maize, soya beans and sugar graze is produced for silage which is then used in the ration for the cattle in the feedlot.

The back grounding program is specifically designed to grow young calves to an acceptable size and weight for entry into the feedlot. Calves are identified and sourced through cattle sale yards and local farmers across South Africa. Upon arrival calves are processed, fed, identified, treated and sorted into unique growing groups. Calves exposure to feedlot cattle is minimized to suppress transmission of disease.

The calves are placed on improved grass and/or annual winter pastures in conjunction with a high quality protein and mineral supplement to ensure calves realize their full genetic potential for body growth. The calves are grown to increase skeleton and muscle size/weight for approximately 100 days. Once calves have been adequately grown they are brought into the feedlot to complete a heavier body weight feeding program.